The New!

Hi! This website is about CG and art. It is the place where I show my work, which I hope you’ll enjoy discovering!

Basically, what I do:

Japan Timelapse

I tried something new: a Timelapse. As I had the opportunity to travel through Japan, so I took this chance to make a video showing differents places in this beautiful country!


Barababor is a funny animated TV series of which I am the author and director. This short and absurd project tells the stories of relentlessly stupid conquistadors who strive to conquer small islands.


Demoreel of the projects I’ve directed or co-directed from 2011 to 2014.


A speed-painting I did as a lighting study.

Sci-fi spaceship

Work in progress. First attempt at creating sci-fi spaceship with photoshop. I want to add more details for the next version :)


Destiny is an animation short I directed in 2012.

The film won several prizes around the world and has more than 1.9 million views on internet.

About me

My name is Fabien Weibel and I really enjoy making images or animation that tell stories with unique moods and characters.

Graduated from Bellecour Ecole, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphics and a Master Degree in CG and Art Direction.

My goal is to follow this path in the film making industry as a director.

Fête des Lumières

I worked on a short animation film screened on a 24 meters tall building during the big event in Lyon called “Fête des Lumières” (Light Fest).


For this picture, I wanted to set a very dense and industrial atmosphere. Featured in the book The Art Of Blender, Fusion was done with Blender and Photoshop.

Denkan Express

This picture was drawn with photoshop in about 2h.

Mt Edam

A strange light in the mountains.


This is an experimental new management tool. The goal is to show the information as nodes instead of lists. It allows much more flexibility and inter-dependencies visualization.

Nuclear Winter

This image was drawn by hand and then colorized with photoshop.

Badass Guy

For this portrait made in 2 hours, I wanted to test a different style. The goal was to get a texture by using rough and dry brush strokes.

…Want more ?

More of my work is visible in the projects page and in the gallery.

Of course, you can also send me a mail !